The vocabulary of real estate in Thailand and Japan are different. That may be misunderstanding about it, when purchasing. I mention the word and phrases that often used in Thailand.

In Japan it called “Bunjo-mansion” (Separated property). Recent, In Bangkok and Pattaya have many new building that foreigner can purchase by their own name. There are various price, such as you can buy from a few million yen to hundreds million yen for luxury unit. When compared with Japan’s mansion, there is fully-shared equipment, such as swimming pool, fitness equipment, restaurant, café etc.

In Thailand means one owner property of collective housing. Some are cheap rents for a student and some are luxury buildings for a high class rich foreigner. Not available to buy and sell by one room.

Single house
Purchase in the foreigner name is not accepted. It becomes purchase by Thai people or Thai Corporate name.

Town house
In Thailand, It is the often seen “Row-house” form building. It mostly sees that they use the first floor as a store. The price is cheaper than detached house, and that is the reason why it is long- standing popularity in Thai buyer. Purchase in the foreigner name cannot be performed.

Service apartment
By The accommodations which combine the merit of the convenience of a hotel with the amenity of a condominium. Most of them are concentrated in the center of Bangkok. Not only the full- furnished, the electrical appliances and kitchen equipment are installed inside too. Although front service is also substantial, but the house rent is set up considerably more highly.

The room is what is called one room. When you open the door, bed, table or sofa are putting into the same space without partition. General extent is about 25㎡-30㎡.

One bedroom
The room that interior separated living room and bedroom with the inner wall (or partition). Some of partition is moveable style.

Two bedrooms
Room with two the independent bedrooms and living rooms. In Thailand a bathroom and a toilet are attached to a master bedroom, and the another bathroom & toilet also set up for guest, is standard specification.

In Thailand, New-Building= a partially completed building (Including building that still has not started construction yet). It will be take 1 year for a small scale, 2 years for more than one block. In case of a high-rise megaproject, it will take 3 years or thereabout for the completion.

It is difficult to look for the word which suitable in Japanese. If we dare to say, is it equivalent to an “alley”? For example, such as the Sukhumvit road, the road that very familiar to Japanese people, is a ”main street”. And in one main street there are many soi (alley). Usually, Thai name and number are assigned to soi. Many Japanese people live in Sukhumvit 55, and is called “Thong Lor” in Thai name. (By the way, Thong Lor is a person’s name. There are various form of soi, some are heavy-trafficked, some are difficult to put the car in.

Motorcycle (Motor cy)
Thailand’s famous transportation. A Passenger sits on the backseat of a motorbike. It is useful for move form main street into soi. A charged is about 10 baht.