Case of Purchasing Used Condominium

Negotiating with the seller (Check the room and furniture’s conditions) → Signing a contract (Contract Payment must be made) → Paying the remaining amount of money and having the name on the electricity bill changed to yours at Department of Lands→ Renovating the room and fixing worn furniture

*In case of used rooms, the former owner’s furniture and electrical appliances are sold with the room, which is different from Japan.

When foreigners buy new or used condominium in Thailand, making payment by overseas remittances is required. Normally, it needs to be transferred from Japan’s financial institutions, so having a bank account in Thailand is necessary. Principally, the name of the sender and the recipient must be matched. Consequently, you should open a bank account in Thailand.

*The expenses for registration such as registration fees, stamp duty and franchise tax are required. Some owners will ask you to share the expenses or to pay them by yourself. You should make sure about who is responsible for these fees, and calculate how much the fees will be before you agree to purchase.