UOB International Loan

Eligible Customer
Foreigner aged between 21 years old and 65 years old at the end of loan tenor
Minimum income of US$60,000 or SG$72,000 per annum for foreigners who have work permit in Thailand
Minimum income of US$85,000 or SG$100,000 per annum for other foreigners

Property Types
Freehold condominium with minimum value of THB 3million or approx SG$120,000

Property Location
Bangkok Metropolis, Cha-Am District, Hua Hin District, Samui District, Phuket Province and
Chonburi Province (only limited to Pattaya District, Ampher Muang and Industrial Park Areas)

Interest rate (floating rate subject to change upon bank’s discretion)

Loan in SG$ Loan in US$
1st Year 5.75% 6%
2nd Year 6.25% 6.5%
Thereafter 6.75% 7%

Financing Terms
Loan Purpose : Owner-occupied or Investment (for rental purpose only)
Loan Quantum : upto 70% for property in Bangkok located within 2km.
Upto 60% for property located in other areas
Security : Legal Mortgage of property to be financed
Loan Tenor : Minimum of 3 years Maximum 20 years
Loan Currency : SG$ or US$
Loan repayment : The repayment of principal and interest shall be monthly installment and
Commencing one month from the date of loan disbursement.
Loan prepayment : Partial prepayment : Charged at 1.5% flat rate upon prepaid loan amount.
Full redemption : Penalty fee of 3% of outstanding aount if fully paid off within the first 3 years.
Penalty fee of 1.5% of prepaid amount if fully paid off for the 4th year onwards
Processing fee : SG$ 1% of loan amount minimum SG$1000 max SG$5000
US$ 1% of loan amount minimum US$1000 max US$5000
Amendment fee : SG$150 or US$100 or equivalent is payable upon re-processing and amendment of loan
Application after the approval of facility
Cancellation fee : 1.5% of approved loan amount
Processing Agency fee : THB 5000 payable upon 1st year
THB 3500 payable upon 2nd year onwards
Deposit holding amount in customer’s account : 1% of approved loan amount (minimum THB 50,000)
Mortgage Registration value : 110% of approved loan amount
Other expenses : All expenses including legal/mortgage registration costs, valuation fee, Mortgage
Reducing Terms Assurance and fire insurance premium shall be payable by the borrower.

Required Documents
Complete Loan Application
Complete Mortgage Reducing Term Assurance
Complete consent form of National Credit Bureau Checking
Photocopy of Personal Identification card and Passport
Photocopy of Working Permit in Thailand (if any)
Photocopy of spousal passport
Photocopy of marriage certificate/divorce certificate
Signed copy of sales and purchase agreement, booking agreement or quotation 

Financial Documents
Original employment confirmation letter addressed to UOB confirming basic salary, position
And years of service
Original computerized pay-slip
Original salary bank’s statement for the last 6 months
Original bank’s statement of other saving/fixed account
Photocopy of last 2 years income tax returns 

For self-employed
Photocopy of company’s registration and shareholder’s list
Photocopy of company’s bank statement for the last 6 months
Photocopy of the last 2 years financial statement and recent 2 years income tax returns