Lease management(Income gain) Investment

In Thailand, it is common for Expats from may countries to stay for a long-time, including Japanese people. In fact, Bangkok has the one of the largest Japanese expatriate population of any city in the world, just behind New York, and Los Angeles. Most people stay here because the feel comfortable, are welcomed, and Thai’s in general are very service minded, helpful. Expats are fascinated by their host representatives, the climate, and the food choices. These conditions are very favorable for the leasehold property market. Based on the location, and grade of building, a 6% rate of return per year is standard for Bangkok. In Thailand, the price of property doesn’t fall even after completion. It isn’t unusual for the price of a 10 years old building to constantly rise. So the investment is both Income Gain, and Capital Gain, in the medium and long-term for Thailand.