Student Accommodation

Luxury studio’s from £79,000

  1. 10 % Net Return.
  2.  Tax isn’t placed on Student Accommodation
  3. Only 23% of Students have access to student accommodation within the university; students in universities have to stay in small tight rooms share bathrooms, and if they share big homes outside university, they pay for utilities.
  4. In the past 5years, there has been a 34% increase in student numbers in the UK.
  5. Some Rents for British Students are paid by UKGovernment through Grants & Loans.
  6. Because of rising demand; student rents rise on Avg. 6% per year, or 30% over 5 years (this during recession)
  7. Money stays with lawyers in an insured escrow account until project is complete.
  8. Area chosen is set for Billions of Pounds re-generation from UK Government which is set to make assets rise even further.
  9. The Property is next to city center, next to mrt, shopping and next to 2 major universities.
  10. Fully Managed, Full Furnished, and secure investment with 51 week tenancies in places

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