Why Thailand has 20 million visitors a year?

Many Japanese people can visit Thailand with simple package tour or individual trip. In fact, you can fly from Japan to Thailand within 5-6 hours.

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Top 50 travel destinations of international travelers (the host country statistics) http://www.jata-net.or.jp/data/stats/2011/05.html

Most Japanese people are not only short-term travelers but they live in Thailand for a long period of time.

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The number of Japanese residents from around the world rankings http://4ki4.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/2010/09/2009-a54f.html

Thailand is not only a country that attracts Japanese people. Please see the statistics below:

The contents of the presentation below Ranks the number of foreigners visiting Thailand in 2011

According to the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of Thailand (year on year), foreigners visiting Thailand in 2011, has increased to 19.098 million, and increase 19.8% from the previous year. Foreign currency revenue from foreign visitors has increased to 734.6 billion baht, and of the visitors, 23.9%. were Malaysian, or 2,471,000 people (up 20% year on year), 1,761,000 people from China (up to 56.9%), 1,126,000 people from Japan(up to 13.3%), 1,014,000 people from Russia(up to 57.4%),  1,014,000 people from Korea(up to 25.9%), 917,000 people from India(up to 20.6%), 888,000 people from Laos(up to 24.1%), 854,000 from Australia(up to 22.4%) and 844,000 people from UK(up to 4.2%).

In comparison, the number of tourists visiting Japan in 2011 was 6,219,000 people (Japan National Tourism Survey), from this number, the Thai people are number one visitors to Japan. We just have to wonder and be fascinated by Thailand, or Thai’s, who are attracted to people who have different cultural and religious backgrounds in the world.