Easy Living and Low Cost of Living

Food, clothing and cost of living in Thailand is very low. Especially, if you don’t need and very luxurious living, it is possible to lead a comfortable life with 1/3 to 1/5 of the cost in Japan.

Reference data From Britain’s cost of living rankings, Bangkok was ranked 163, Tokyo is the top.

ECA International human resources research firm in Britain examined the cost of living rankings of the year 2012 of more than 400 cities around the world, Bangkok was ranked 163, Chiang Mai in the North of Thailand was ranked 198.

This examination included food, beverage, apparel, consumer electronics and services. Housing costs, electricity, water charges and tuition fees are not included. Rank no.1 is Tokyo, no.2 is Oslo (Norway), no.3 is Nagoya, no.4 is Luanda (Angola), no.5 is Stavanger (Norway), no.13 is Moscow and no.34 is Paris. Major cities in Asia, Rank no.20 is Beijing, no.26 is Shanghai, no.29 is Seoul, no.32 is Singapore, no.36 is Hong Kong, no.74 is Taipei, no.109 is Jakarta, no.154 is Yangon, no.189 is Kuala Lumpur, no.200 is Vientiane, no.209 is New Delhi, no.221 is Phnom Penh, no.228 is Hanoi and no.237 is Ho Chi Minh City. (NEWSCLIP 2012/06/25 Publication News)

It’s not only low cost of living but many ingredients in Thai food used in seasoning is similar to ingredients used in Japanese seasoning.  There are many large department stores, supermarkets and even convenience stores, it is very convenient to buy any commodities.

Because there are many Japanese visitors to Thailand, and many living and working in Thailand , so there are many Japanese restaurants and Japanese books in bookstores as well. It is not difficult to live and there is very little change to your lifestyle in Japan.  It’s not only number comparison, but actually it is easy for Japanese people to live in Thailand.